Best Practice For Cost-of-Capital Estimates
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 2017, 52 (2), 427-463.
with Ivo Welch
Decision Fatigue and Heuristic Analyst Forecasts
Journal of Financial Economics, 2019, 133 (1), 83-98.
with David Hirshleifer, Ben Lourie, and Siew Hong Teoh
Symmetric and Asymmetric Market Betas and Downside Risk
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with Ivo Welch

Working Papers

Spending Less After (Seemingly) Bad News
with Mark Garmaise and Hanno Lustig
Mind the App: Framing and Salience of Information and Consumer Behavior

Work in Progress

Decision Fatigue: Evidence from Vocational Qualifying Exams
with Larry Harris
Mind the App: Account Aggregation and Consumer Behavior